IEEE World Haptics 2017


Roles in World Haptics Conference 2017

General Chairs: Matthias Harders, Sandra Hirche (

Finance Chair: Miruna Werkmeister (

Editorial Board/ Program Chair & Co-Chairs: Miguel Otaduy, Jee-Hwan Ryu, Greg Gerling (

Local Arrangements Chair: Martin Buss (

Registration Chair: Eckehard Steinbach (

Workshops/Tutorials Chairs: Massimiliano di Luca, Gabriel Zachmann (

Exhibition/Industry Chair: Brent Gillespie (

Demonstrations Chairs: Ki-Uk Kyung, Roger Gassert, Satoshi Endo (

Publications Chair: Emanuele Ruffaldi (

Publicity Chair: Claudio Pacchierotti (

Webmaster: Stefan Sosnowski (

Sponsorship Chairs: Vincent Hayward, Sabrina Panëels (

Work-In-Progress Chair: Yeongmi Kim (

Student Innovation Challenge Chair: Oliver Schneider

Awards Chair: to be announced…

Conference Secretary: Lisa Binderlehner

Email address for each issue: