IEEE World Haptics 2017


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WIP.01 An MR-Fluid Based Brake Design Solving the Stiction Problem
Mehmet Görkem Karabulut1, Mehmet İsmet Can Dede1
1Izmir Institute of Technology



WIP.02 Assessing the Physiological Correlates of Affective and Non–affective Touch
Roberta Etzi1, Carlotta Carta1, Alberto Gallace1
1University of Milano-Bicocca and Milan Center for Neuroscience



WIP.03 A Ball and Beam Module for a Haptic Paddle Education Platform
Chad Rose1, Nathan Bucki1, Marcia O'Malley1
1Rice University



WIP.04 CLAP: A Soft-Hand Simulation Library for Haptics Applications
Mickeal Verschoor1, Daniel Lobo1, Miguel Otaduy1
1Universidad Rey Juan Carlos



WIP.05 Compact and Largely Displaceable Tactile Shape Display using Arrayed Ultrasonic Linear Actuator
Shunsuke Yoshimoto1, Yasuyuki Yamada1, Yoshihiro Kuroda1, Osamu Oshiro1
1Osaka University



WIP.06 Data Visualization versus Data Perception
Shamima Yasmin1
1Eastern Washington University



WIP.07 Development of Localized Haptic-Feedback Large-Area Touch Screen Using Transparent Ferroelectric Polymer Film Actuators
Quang Van Duong1, Thinh Tam Luong1, Seung Tae Choi1, Fabrice Domingues Dos Santos2
1Chung-Ang University, 22Piezotech S.A.S. & Arkema



WIP.08 Effects of Dynamic Size-weight Changes After Object Lifting on Weight Perception
Vonne van Polanen1, Marco Davare1,2
1KU Leuven, 2UCL



WIP.09 Effect of Sliding Velocity on Frictional Forces Modulated by Electrovibration
Omer Sirin1, Mehmet Ayyildiz2, Cagatay Basdogan1
1Koc University, 2Istanbul Bilgi University



WIP.10 Effect on Thermal Perception at the Finger Pad on applying of Tactile and Thermal Stimulations on the Fingertip
Katsunari Sato1
1Nara Women's University



WIP.11 Energy-Efficient Vibrotactile Presentation for Mobile Devices Using Belt Winding
Takuto Nakamura1,2, Vibol Yem1, Hiroyuki Kajimoto1
1The University of Electro-Communications, Japan, 2JSPS Research Fellow



WIP.12 Envelope Wave Modulates Not Only Amplitude but Also Perceived Frequency of Carrier Wave
Scinob Kuroki1, Shin'ya Nishida1
1NTT Communication Science Laboratories



WIP.13 Feeling of Lateral Skin Deformation with Electro-Tactile Display
Hiroyuki Kajimoto1
1The University of Electro-Communications, Japan



WIP.14 Finger Pad Mechanics During Dexterous Object Manipulation
Allan Barrea1, Benoit Delhaye2, Philippe Lefèvre1, Jean-Louis Thonnard1
1Université catholique de Louvain, 2University of Chicago



WIP.15 Haptic Perception of 2D Equilateral Geometric Shapes via Electrovibration on Touch Screens
Ayberk Sadic1, Mehmet Ayyildiz2, Cagatay Basdogan1
1Koc University, 2Istanbul Bilgi University



WIP.16 Haptic Rehabilitation Device for Reaching and Grasping Tasks
Sebastian Wielend1, Wolfgang Türtscher1, Johannes Pitterle1, Fabian Holzknecht1, Matthias Decker1, Yeongmi Kim1
1MCI, University of Applied Sciences



WIP.17 How Should Robots Hug?
Alexis Block1, Katherine Kuchenbecker1,2
1University of Pennsylvania, 2Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems



WIP.18 Hydraulic Cobots for the Wearable Display of Virtual Walls
Emma Treadway1, Brent Gillespie1
1University of Michigan



WIP.19 Imaging the Finger Pad Surface When Deforming Compliant Materials
Steven Hauser1, Gregory Gerling1
1University of Virginia



WIP.20 Integrated Thermo-Tactile Display Device For Hedonic Studies
Massimiliano Gabardi1, Ophelia Deroy2, Vincent Hayward2
1Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, 2University of London



WIP.21 Interacting with the Virtual Reality: Rendering of Pressure, Textures, and Making/break Contact Sensations via Fingertip Wearable Haptic Devices
Guido Gioioso1, Giovanni Spagnoletti1, Leonardo Meli1, Tommaso Lisini1,2, Claudio Pacchierotti3, Domenico Prattichizzo1,2
1University of Siena, 2Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, 3CNRS at Irisa and Inria Rennes



WIP.22 Introducing Finger Posture Effects in Contact Mechanics: An Extended Stick- Slip Model Incorporating Finger Stiffness
Dennis Babu1, Hikaru Nagano1, Masashi Konyo1, Satoshi Tadokoro1
1Tohoku University



WIP.23 Is 3-DoF Haptic Position Feedback Sufficient for Exact Positioning of a Robotic Endoscope End-effector in the Human Knee?
Esther Isabel Zoller1, Gregorio Aiello1, Azhar Zam1, Philippe Claude Cattin1, Georg Rauter1
1University of Basel



WIP.24 Measurement and Analysis of Finger Surface Behavior on One-dimensional Textured Surface
Seitaro Kaneko1, Ryuta Okazaki1, Vibol Yem1, Hiroyuki Kajimoto1
1The University of Electro-Communications, Japan



WIP.25 Modeling Pleasantness Ratings for Touched Materials by Explorative Hand Motion
Takumi Yokosaka1, Satohiro Tajima2, Scinob Kuroki1, Junji Watanabe1, Shin'ya Nishida1
1Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, 2University of Geneva



WIP.26 Onomatopoetic-based Classification of Generated Sensation on Electrostatic Tactile Display
Hirobumi Tomita1, Satoshi Saga1, Hiroyuki Kajimoto2
1University of Tsukuba, 2The University of Electro-Communications, Japan



WIP.27 Optimizing Damping Factors in a 3DoF Passive Two-layer Approach for Bilateral Telemanipulation
Olmo Moreno1, Joao Bimbo1, Claudio Pacchierotti2, Gianni Bianchini3, Domenico Prattichizzo3,1
1Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, 2CNRS, Rennes, 3Università di Siena



WIP.28 Presentation of Cloth Texture on Touch Panel Using Pseudo Haptics
Ai Hattori1, Mai Shibahara1, Katsunari Sato1
1Nara Women's University



WIP.29 Realistic Friction Rendering using Time-Varying Friction Coefficients
Shoichi Hasegawa1, Yoshiki Hashimoto1, Hironori Mitake1
1Tokyo Institute of Technology



WIP.30 Scrambling of Local Sign Through Simulated Skin Rearrangement
Tatjana Seizova-Cajic1, Alistair McEwan1, Sandra Ludvigsson2, Birger Sourander2, Melinda Popov2, Janet Taylor3
1The University of Sydney, 2Linköping University, 3Neuroscience Research Australia



WIP.31 Shifts in Action Decisions Correlate with Visuo-haptic Matching Errors
Irene Kuling1, Willem de Bruijne1, Kim Burgerink1, Jeroen Smeets1
1Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



WIP.32 Soft Haptic Actuator based on Plasticized Gel
Won-Hyeong Park1, Eun-Jae Shin1, Sang-Youn Kim1



WIP.33 Spatial Guidance of the Human Arm Motion Using Vibrotactile Feedback
Denis Cehajic1, Satoshi Endo1, Marco Aggravi2, Domenico Prattichizzo2,3, Sandra Hirche1
1Technical University of Munich, 2University of Siena, 3Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia



WIP.34 Spectral Feature Cues in Virtually Rendered Textures
Roman V. Grigorii1, Michael A. Peshkin1, J. Edward Colgate1
1Northwestern University



WIP.35 Study on Assist Timing and Power in Accelerating Movements
Satoshi Tomita1, Masamichi Sakaguchi1
1Nagoya Institute of Technology



WIP.36 Tactile Discrimination of Envelope and Carrier Frequencies of Vibration
Hikaru Nagano1, Nan Cao1, Masashi Konyo1, Satoshi Tadokoro1
1Tohoku University



WIP.37 Teaching a Robot to Collaborate with a Human Via Haptic Teleoperation
Siyao Hu1, Katherine Kuchenbecker1,2
1University of Pennsylvania, 2Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems



WIP.38 Temperature Threshold to Produce the Illusion of Wetness by Changing Contact Area Between a Dry Cloth and Skin
Mai Shibahara1, Katsunari Sato1
1Nara Women's University



WIP.39 Thermal-Radiation-Based Haptic Display - Precise Calibration System and Shape Displaying Method
Satoshi Saga1
1University of Tsukuba



WIP.40 Vibrotactile Stimulation for a Car-based Motion Platform
Hirotaka Shionoiri1, Rei Sakuragi1, Ryo Kodama1, Ryuta Okazaki1, Hiroyuki Kajimoto1
1The University of Electro-Communications, Japan