IEEE World Haptics 2017

Demonstration Proposals

World Haptics 2017 will feature several sessions devoted to live demonstrations of haptic technology.

Important Dates

March 26, 2017: Demo / Work-in-Progress Submission

April 16, 2017: Demo / Work-in-Progress Acceptance Notification

April 21, 2017: Demo / Work-in-Progress Final Submission

June 7-9, 2017: Conference

Instructions for Authors

Submit your demonstration proposal via PrecisionConference.

Each proposal must include (1) a short abstract (approx. 200 words), (2) mock-up images for space planning, and (3) an image with 3 – 4 bullet point description that can be used in the conference digest. Any queries including special requests for equipment support should be communicated to the demo chairs via ( The abstract should cover description and scientific novelty of the demonstrations, and declare potential safety risks such as electromagnetic interference or a use of high-voltage power supply. If you had already presented the same demonstration elsewhere, please state the venue and whether any modification had been made since the previous presentation.

The mock-up image should be a set of photographs and/or illustrations. One image should clearly indicate where the demo presenter(s) and the attendee(s) will stand/sit, as well as equipment locations such as hardware components, tables, chairs, and power strips. Another image should be a close-up of the main device(s), describing what is being demonstrated.

As a guideline, the standard space allocation for each demo will include one table (1400 x 700 mm), two chairs, a poster board (1500 x 1200 mm) and one 230 V outlet. If you have special requests regarding the demonstration, please also state them in the submission. The mock-up image should have at least 500 x 500 pixels at 300 dpi in the JPEG format. Please note that the accepted demo proposals will be included in the USB proceedings but they will not appear on the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
We also highly recommend that presenters submit a supplemental video which may be used in the review process. In addition, with the authors’ permission, videos may be used for promotional purposes at the conference and dissemination activities. When submitting a video, please follow these guidelines: format (mpeg 4), length (< 30 seconds), resolution (at least 480p progressive scan), and file size (up to 80 MB).
All submissions will be reviewed by the Demonstration Session Co-Chairs based on suitability for the conference.